Roxana Paul is an exhibited artist and an internationally recognized Tarot designer. She has created several Tarot decks that already released, including Venetian Carnival Tarot, Australian Tarot, Maori Tattoo Tarot, Venetian Anonymous Tarot, Old Parchment Tarot. The world Tarot authorities gave high marks to Roxana’s cards:

“[Venetian Carnival Tarot] A work of art really interesting and precious. It goes to the heart of one of the most magical times of the year, the Carnival, which as we know is connected to ancient rites and a mythology that still joins past to present. The colors are bright and vibrant, but not detract from the mystery. Surely it is a gate through which to enter into another world and learn what is behind the mask or just reveal it, so we could use this Tarot deck also as an instrument of knowledge and evolution. A unique work suitable for beginners, but also sophisticated collectors.

– Morena Poltronieri, Director of Museo Internazionale dei Tarocchi, Italy

“The Maori Tattoo Tarot is a refreshing addition to the pantheon of Tarot decks. It stands apart in how stunningly beautiful is its artistry. And, from a Tarot orthodoxy point of view, I was pleasantly surprised to see how accurate is its alignment with the Marseilles, the Rider-Waite and other “traditional” sets of Tarot archetypes. Beautiful, classy not trashy, and great fun to use!”

Paul O’Brien, founder of Tarot.com

Roxana created her own brand style, mixing realism with mystical elements. Many of her works draw upon her interest in mysticism, self-development and spiritual transformation with particular attention to the Tarot theme. She has been a Tarot reader for six years as well as a member of the Tarosophy Tarot Association. Explaining her new art project on Kickstarter, Roxana said, “Dreams and visions of Babylon are hiding in the depths of our DNA. Let’s them surface. That’s why New Babylonian Tarot was born to be in touch with ancient spiritual guidance, to bring well forgotten Chaldean divinatory magic to light. Welcome to this magical realm.”

As an artist, she positions herself as a messenger who brings new elements to the global Tarot community for better understanding of the Tarot system. To develop her abilities, Roxana applies meditation, spellwork, and natural healing. Roxana Paul now makes her home in Adelaide, Australia, where she lives with the family.