Chakra Affirmation Cards

Chakra Affirmation Cards


  • 49 chakra affirmation cards to balance and clear your chakras (7 chakra cards for each day of the week)
  • 2 chakra information cards
  • 1 instruction card
  • 4 bonus cards for success, motivation, love and abundance

Using the Chakra Affirmation Cards

This 49-card deck and accompanying information and instruction cards will help you create a daily practice to maintain the balance in your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. With the cards and positive healing affirmations you can create your very own healing frequency.

Root Chakra, Chakra Affirmation CardsSacral Chakra, Chakra Affirmation CardsSolar Prexus Chakra, Chakra Affirmation CardsHeart Chakra, Chakra Affirmation CardsThroat Chakra, Chakra Affirmation CardsThird Eye Chakra, Chakra Affirmation CardsCrown Chakra, Chakra Affirmation Cards

Meditating with the Chakra Affirmation Cards

  • Acknowledge yourself with chakras images and locations first.
  • Sit comfortably and select seven Monday’s cards.
  • Deeply inhale and exhale. Relax yourself completely.
  • Starting from the Root Chakra card, look at the mandala on the card.
  • Gently shift your focus to the location of the root chakra in your body.
  • Now read the affirmation (you can do it aloud).
  • Look at the mandala again. Keep your focus on the spot of your body where the root chakra located.
  • Close your eyes. Visualise the mandala from the card in the location of the chakra.
  • Stay in the meditative state for a few minutes.
  • Now take the second card for Sacred Chakra and repeat the above steps for the Root chakra.
  • Continue with remaining Monday’s cards.
  • To strengthen the healing effect, practice your affirmations several times a day.
  • Practice daily with 7 chakras cards designed for each day of the week.

 Chakra Affirmation Cards

Balancing your chakras with the Chakra Affirmation Cards

This exercise is one way to understand what chakra needs to be developed most. Find yourself a quiet place and sit either on the floor or in bed, placing your cards at front of you. Mix all cards together as shown on the picture. Close your eyes, position your right palm over cards. You can touch them or hold. Separate one card and hold your palm over it. Try to feel through the minor chakra of your hand the vibrational energy of the colour you are working with. If you feel warmth put this card on the right side, if you feel cold put it on the left. Repeat with the remaining cards. If initially you don’t feel anything, don’ be disheartened. As in all things, learning to feel the colour takes time and practice.

Now open your eyes. You can find that turquoise, blue and violet are positioned in your left pile, and red, orange and yellow in the right pile. The green cards me be either on the left or the right. If you found that one colour is predominantly positioned in the wrong pile, for example, the red cards are positioned in the “cold” one, your root chakra (red) needs to be balanced the most.

After this exercise, place your hands on the ground to let go the vibrational energy of colours which is excessive.

After some practice with two piles try to develop your sensitivity to each colour placing card into seven piles corresponding to each chakra.

Chakra Affirmation Cards

Chakra Affirmation Cards