Eight of Swords, New Babylonian Tarot

8 of swords, New Babylonian Tarot

Keywords: Isolation, self-imposed restriction, imprisonment

When you draw this card it might indicate a  period of temporary restriction when you are unable to see a solution to a problem. You might feel alone to deal with difficulties. It is important to realize that these restrictions are self-imposed and to break them you should ask yourself “why am I here?”, “why do I need this?” or “what don’t I see?” As you observe what is going on “inside” of you – your thoughts, your worries, your beliefs – you will focus on staying centered in your body and understand that the eight of swords are outside and are not going to harm you (they just rest stuck in the ground) , and that your imprisonment is a result of your imagination. There is a power in aligning yourself with the body and getting comfortable in your skin. So, when you feel restrained being among the eight of swords allow your breath to settle in your body and as it finds its center point claim your place on the earth and the right solution will come.

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