Queen of Cups

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The Queen of Cups’ gown reflects the colours of the sea; fabric folds are spread on the floor as sea waves. Her surrounding is not overly decorated but royal to make you comfortable in her presence. The Queen of Cups’ throne, like her gown, is light blue and resembles a shell. Her throne symbolises her connection to her governing element, Water. On this card, you see her as a part of her “watery” environment, a deep blue ocean of emotions lit by positioned at her sides flames of intuition and inner sense. “I am where I am.” she says.

The Queen of Cups is patient and compassionate. She loves unconditionally and never turns away someone in need. She can be relied on for guidance and help. Her intuitive abilities allow her sense the climate of the situation and act accordingly. She will offer you a hug and kind words when her inner sense tells her that is what you need right now because she has a well-developed sixth sense. Or she will give an advice that you can find a bit “rude” at the moment but it will lead to a right outcome. For this instance, she can be compared with a mother-bird pushing her frightened baby-birds off the nest and challenging them to learn to flight in a process not because she is rude but because she loves her babies and wants them to be strong…

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