Strength Tarot Card from New Babylonian Tarot by Roxana Paul

In the Strength card a woman sitting with the lion in the Babylonian hanging garden is depicted. There is a small fireplace on the carpet and a big vase with a cloth hanging down, symbolizing a stream of water. Both things have obvious meanings of fire and water – the pattern of the Strength card is Fire (intuition) out of Water (feeling). A comprehensive explanation of cards’ energy patterns you can find in the book “The Secret Code of Tarot” (available at the Tarot Art Studio Store The lion, personifying natural forces seems to be co-operating, and Strength shows her power by using not force but love.

In this card Fire (intuition) and Water (feeling) work together, guiding you in any life situation. It is strength coming from the loving heart. Above self-control, courage, patience and persistence to follow a chosen path to overcome obstacles, Strength typifies powers of love.

Tarot Deck: New Babylonian Tarot

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