The Devil

The Devil - tarot card

A horned figure of the Devil has its roots in Babylonian daemon-filled religion, predating the god Pan for ancient Greeks and Satan in Christianity. He is depicted in the card as a fire dancer who is chained to two columns, symbolizing powers and toils of the material world. The shadow on the wall behind the Devil is much bigger than his figure because our fears of evil are greatly exaggerated. The card represents the material world, which is neither evil nor good in itself. The Devil’s posture and facial expression incarnate power of physical desires and obsession with sexual attraction and lust. Let’s glance, how hypnotic and powerful he is!

“There is nothing wrong with earthly things” (Jeremiah 48:11), but the obsession with money and other material possessions are self-destructive. You have free will to move through the life path, but the Devil is skillful seducer and manipulator, tempting and persuading you to follow the ignorant path of materialism. The Devil personalize the dark side of life, and you can find the temptation to follow this way, but remember there aren’t love, friendship and other “nonmaterial” things. You are free whether to succumb to the Devil or resist egotistic impulses and base instincts, bringing yourself to insightful thinking and tender feelings.

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