Tarot Art Studio

by Roxana Paul


Raphael Tarot by Roxana PaulI’ve been creating a new website for collectors since November 2018. Since I’m not a coder, it is still in an infant stage. One step in a time. I’ve already completed the main features like an interactive catalogue of cards, directory of deck creators, publishers, and manufacturers. I’m proud that finally I have found a technical solution to make it work. The search functions are well developed.  All users on the website can submit a deck (tarot, oracle or playing cards) to the catalogue and rate the decks they like (star rating function). At the moment, my 13yo daughter  helps me with the database. Little by little, I believe, the most modern card deck catalogue will be available to all card collectors.

I’m going to add some social functions (at the moment, the collectors can create their own accounts and communicate with other collectors.

My hubby have made his valuable contribution and written a ebook “The Tarot Collector’s Investment Guide: Collecting For Fun and Profit” that will be free to the collectors community on the website. A number of his articles about collecting in the Articles Section.

I would appreciate any comments and inputs from the collectors and self-publishers.

The Collection of Cards

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