Tarot Art Studio

by Roxana Paul


Bio and Artist’s Statement

Roxana Paul tarotBio

Roxana Paul has been painting and drawing since her childhood. Being born from parents of Romani and Slavic descent she joined the witch world at the age of 10, learning and practicing herb healing and spell work. Her experiences with art and witchcraft came naturally in mandalas painting, chakras cards, and then own Tarot projects, including two successful Kickstarter campaigns (in 2017 and 2018). Over the last seven years, Roxana created seven Tarot decks and illustrated six Tarot-related books, including descriptions of her own spreads and reading sessions (see Roxana Paul’s Portfolio). Her art discovers internal energy of Tarot, and her witchcraft abilities allow Tarot energy to reveal itself in cards. In this a unique and everlasting way, Tarot can work as a tool to heal human destinies. Thousands of followers from all around the world joined Roxana’s spiritual circle. She faithfully participates in Tarot movement locally and globally (join Roxana Paul’s Facebook community), makes Tarot reading, and collects distinguished Tarot and oracle cards. Each her activity nourishes the others, energizing her to create new, more and more powerful Tarot decks. Roxana Paul now makes her home in Adelaide, Australia where she lives with the family.

Artist’s Statement

  • Creating Tarot cards, I transfer their inner energy through artistic symbolism, hidden signs, and spells – This essence wears different masks, that’s why we have so many different Tarot decks.
  • Reading Tarot, I understand the energy essence of cards to interpret its meanings – I use the most ‘readable’ Tarot decks of traditional structure.
  • Collecting Tarot and oracle decks, I enjoy the artwork in cards, estimating artistic techniques, and look for visual and aural signs – It is a source for my inspiration to create new decks.
  • I hope to contribute to the Tarot movement, creating cards that guide the path through the language of Tarot images and symbols, making visible what was overlooked before.