Tarot Art Studio

by Roxana Paul

Bohemian Magick Oracle

Bohemian Magick Oracle

Welcome to our wonderful world of divination and magick!

I’m thrilled to present to you an extensive collection of Oracle cards which are now united under an enthralling title, “Bohemian Magick”. This is an ever-growing range of oracle cards.

Each card is adorned with intricate artwork, title and messages that are sure to inspire, guide and empower you on your spiritual journey. With the Bohemian Magick Oracle you can explore your inner world of feeling and emotions and connect with your innermost self like never before. 

Let’s begin!

The First set of cards (Bohemian Magick Volume 1) consists of 60 large oracle cards 3.5” x 5.75” (89 mm x 146 mm)

Coming soon!

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