Tarot Art Studio

by Roxana Paul

Halloween Magick Tarot

Halloween Magick Tarot

RELEASE September, 1, 2019

Witches, ghosts, vampires, zombies, nocturnal animals… All are summoned to celebrate the spooky holiday full of magick, divination and fun. The veil to the shadow realm is open, the Wheel of the Year one again made its cycle, and everyone feels the magick in the air.

The Halloween Magick Tarot is a festive deck to be enjoyed by all – a novice and a seasoned reader alike.

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Halloween Magick Tarot


  • 78 full colour tarot cards printed on the highest quality 350gsm art paper cardstock with gilded edges.
  • 200-page booklet
  • sturdy box

The book accompanying this tarot deck will guide you to Halloween origins, lore, spells, and superstitions. Special memes for each card add a charm to the reading and make it easier to memorise the meanings. Sometimes humorous, the card illustrations invoke visual and emotional associations and establish deep connections with the tarot archetypes.


Let the Halloween Magick Tarot be your cheerful companion on the magical Halloween Eve.