Tarot Art Studio

by Roxana Paul

Venetian Carnival Tarot

Venetian Carnival Tarot inspired by the Venice Carnival magic.

Each card features a masked figure in a carnival costume. Mysterious persons hiding behind masks will tell you their stories. Cards speak to you, not to your logical mind but to your irrational part. 78 card designs are carefully thought to meet your finest expectations in terms of cards’ meanings and assumptions for the reading process efficacy.

Welcome to the carnival of life where anything is possible!

78 tarot cards 4.75” x 2.75” (standard tarot size) are printed on the highest quality art cardstock 350gsm, laminated for smooth shuffling, with neat gilded edges.

Two piece sturdy box (8.375” x 6” x 1.25”) with plastic tray inside to hold the cards safely and neatly.

A 120 pages companion book unveils the secrets behind masks. It takes a look at Tarot through the prism of Carl Jung’s psychological functions of feeling, thinking, sensation, and intuition, as well as the key archetypes: the Persona, the Shadow, and the Self to explain and direct the divination process. The book provides you, Tarot masters, with a comprehensive explanation of deeper cards meanings in the way that useful for the efficient reading process. Besides, it helps with an adequate interpretation of a reading session’s results to demonstrate your arcana mastery to querents. This book will offer you the guidance and encouragement you would receive, landing in the place and time where and when the Tarot magic began.

Book Contents:
Part 1 Carl Jung and Alchemy of Tarot
Chapter 1 Elements and Archetypes in the World of Synchronicity
Chapter 2 Hiding behind a Mask: the Persona Archetype
Chapter 3 Living with the Shadow
Chapter 4 The Masks and the Path of Individualisation
Part II Major Arcana (22 cards descriptions)
Part III Minor Arcana (four suits)
Part IV The Biblical Roots of Tarot
Chapter 5 Two Trees in the Garden of Eden
Chapter 6 The Tarot Code