Maori Tattoo Tarot

Maori Tattoo Tarot, unique and beautiful tarot deck

It is a notable and intriguing Tarot deck that superimposes the traditional Tarot structure on a Maori cultural background. To put it bluntly, the background of the cards is textured human skin, and all pictures outlines are executed in a tattoo designed style.

“The Maori Tattoo Tarot is a refreshing addition to the pantheon of Tarot decks. It stands apart in how stunningly beautiful is its artistry. And, from a Tarot orthodoxy point of view, I was pleasantly surprised to see how accurate is its alignment with the Marseilles, the Rider-Waite and other “traditional” sets of Tarot archetypes. Beautiful, classy not trashy, and great fun to use!”

Paul O’Brien, founder of

The cards are printed on high quality 350 gsm stock. Cards have size 2.75 x 4.75 in. (7 cm x 12 cm). The decks come in tuck boxes. A 50 pages black and white companion booklet (LWB) is provided with the deck.

Maori Tattoo Tarot, unique and beautiful tarot deck